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Old heritage buildings newly developed into the arts and cultural hub of Port Augusta Cultural Centre – Yarta Purtli have created a vibrant cultural precinct right in the centre of Port Augusta.

The Cultural Centre comprises the Gallery, with two gallery spaces; the Barracks, an open space for outdoor events; the Institute Theatre; and the office housing the Arts Officer, Venue Coordinator and other Council staff. The Cultural Centre also manages the Lea Memorial Theatre, located at a separate location. People come into the Centre to purchase event tickets, and will often stay to visit the Gallery.

The Gallery itself runs a wide range of activities, not all of which happen at the Cultural Centre. This includes the Artist in Residency program at Grindell’s Hut, youth and school projects, and exhibitions set up in locations around the town, which also help to draw people into the Gallery. Gallery staff and volunteers are also involved with other cultural events, such as the annual Desert Fringe Festival and biennial Arid Sculpture Exhibition; Gallery events, workshops and exhibitions are linked to these.


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Monday - Friday 10am-4pm


6 Beauchamp Lane

Port Augusta, South Australia

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