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The Hahndorf Academy is located in a heritage building that was originally built as a school in 1857.


In 1968 a local artist who recognised the importance of the arts rescued the building from demolition and established the gallery. One of Australia’s most influential artists, Hans Heysen, had a connection with the Gallery that continues through his family today. A collection of Heysen drawings is on permanent display, and the prestigious Heysen Art prize is presented by the Academy biennially.

The Academy building is unique in terms of its history and the way people relate to it. Many people, including visitors, have a story that connects them with the building and the history of the area.


The co-location of the Academy with the Visitor Information Centre has attracted additional tourist traffic into the gallery.


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Open Everyday 10am - 5pm


68 Main Street

Hahndorf, South Australia

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